Why us?

Are you currently looking for the Austin Excavating company that actually cares about its customers? Well, everyone wants the highest quality at an affordable price but no one knows what to look for specifically. Here at Red Beard Excavators we take the time to explain to you what makes us any different. It’s all about several key aspects in excavating that we’ll cover here! We are very intentional with the way we do everything here, so you can definitely count on us to get you what you need with the quality you deserve.

We understand you have many Austin excavating companies to pick from. During this process it can be easy to get confused over which excavator may be the best fit. Red Beard Excavators makes it really easy to understand what we do differently than everyone else to help you understand why people like us! So take the time to learn more about everything we do to make sure that our customers are satisfied with all the work that we do! And of course, feel free to call us if you have any questions about the way we do things.

Highly Rated

First off, this typically settles the argument of who does the best Austin Excavating. We are highly rated, not because of low quality and mediocre work, we have high ratings because we have high quality work that our customers appreciate! Getting positive and high ratings is no easy task! We strive to make sure each one of our customers are happy with the work that we do for them. It’s by prioritizing communication that we’re able to keep our customers in the loop of everything we do and eliminate surprises! Any project is much more enjoyable when you have less surprises to worry about, we can all agree on that.

Our customers appreciate the work that we do for them that they leave us high ratings! We have dozens and dozens of 5 star ratings on Google because we treat each job as if it were our last. In fact, we care about our work because we’re passionate about what we do. This is because we are here to preserve our reputation and most of all to preserve the quality of all of the work that we do for you!

Strong Communication

What’s more frustrating than getting Austin excavating done without any effective communication taking place? Not much! We know how important it is to communicate not only with the homeowners effectively but also as a team! This is the only way we can ever be sure to do this in a timely and effective manner no matter what. Red Beard Excavators is always about making sure that you know what’s going on with everything that we’re doing here. Strong communication makes our job much easier and it also gives you the peace of mind you deserve to have! With the way we do all of our work, we understand that solid communication is the only way to ensure everything goes smooth.

Upfront Pricing

When was the last time you got an estimate for a contractor or even another Austin excavating company? Did you take note of the estimate amount vs what you actually ended up paying? Keep an eye out for those kinds of details, because that could easily end up being a $1000 miss! Over here, at Red Beard Excavators, we take the time to run our estimates so accurately that the price doesn’t change after we give it to you. No hidden fees at the end of the job, no extra costs, no surprises with us other than exceeding your expectations!

Mess Free Guarantee

Red Beard Excavators of Austin Excavating is all about providing the mess-free guarantee! Our residential customers truly appreciate this because it makes their days much less messy. We actually take care of your property as if it were our own. These are things that we do intentionally because it’s all about demonstrating to the customer that even when we “win” the job we want you to know that we want to an enjoyable experience from beginning to end. Proper care for your property is something you can always expect out of your go to Austin excavating company!

We Complete Each Job We Start

We can all agree that it’s easy to start anything, but finishing it is a different story. However when we’re talking about an excavation project, there’s no excuse! Far too often we hear about excavators starting a job with a customer but then later completely abandoning it midway because they decided it wasn’t profitable enough, or they may have underbid the project. That’s unbelievable! We care far too much about our reputation to completely abandon a job to save a few dollars. When Red Beard Excavators starts the job, we commit to finishing it!


Make sure that you hire some with experience! You have to keep in mind that there are two kinds of excavators, the ones who KNOW what to do, then the ones who’ve already done it HUNDREDS of times! Experience is king because it teaches you which mistakes to never make again. We are here to make sure that you get the best from everything that we’ve experienced.

1 Year Warranty

We do high quality work, however we actually back it up with a one year warranty! This warranty is applicable for any concrete work that we do for you. We understand the frustrations that are experienced by other excavators who can talk a lot more than actually do anything. Our customers appreciate that we offer them with the peace of mind that comes with a warranty.

These are just some of the reasons that our customers love us! We take the time to really make sure that you’re satisfied with everything that we do here! Call us to learn more about everything that we do. It’s important to us to meet soon and to provide you with the best excavating that you’ll ever experience. Red Beard Excavators is here to take care of your Austin Excavating needs!