Tree Clearing/ Removal

We offer selective clearing and complete clearing for your Austin excavating needs. With selective clearing cedar trees can be removed while native trees, such as oak trees, can remain and begin to thrive. We always try to remove the stumps when possible as well. If complete stump removal is not an option, grinding down the stump can be done. If complete clearing is what you need, we can handle that too. Again, we always try to remove the stumps. Beyond just tree clearing we can also tackle any over growth, shrubs, bushes, old brush piles, cactus, or just about any thing else you can think of. With all this clearing we offer haul off services to remove the cleared trees/ brush from the site and take them to a recycling center.

Site Prep

We offer full service site prep for commercial and residential Austin excavating needs. The initial erosion controls/ SWPPP installation including silt fence or mulch socks, rock berms, construction entrances, tree protection, erosion blankets, and level spreaders. Next we can clear the desired trees and haul off. After that we can do lot cuts, with or with out engineered plans, or full scale “rough cuts” from a civil set of engineered plans. We can rough cut the entire proposed site including ponds, parking lots, buildings pads, roads, driveways, and RV sites. Import and export of material, stockpiling top soil or other materials to be used at a later date.

Excavation Services

Specialty excavation for ponds, tanks, septic tanks, propane/ natural gas tanks, in ground trampolines, or what ever you can dream up. Our team is always cautious of the surrounding area when doing Austin excavating and take the proper precautions to maintain a safe working environment for our crews and the general public. We are experienced in excavation of all soil types and rock.


Pool Demolition

Tired of pool maintenance and up keep? Is your pool old and worn out? We can properly demo your pool and fill in the pool area to regain more of the back yard and prevent potential safety hazards with Austin excavating. Proper pool demolition can make a big difference years down the road. If not done properly, settling in the pool area can occur leaving you with a mess, unwanted low areas, and safety concerns. We can devise a plan to properly demo the pool or follow engineered recommendations.


Driveway Removal/ Installation

If you have an existing driveway that needs to be patched or replaced, we can do that. We offer full demolition and replacement or particular section demolition and replacement. We offer concrete or gravel driveways, with or without culverts. We can install new or replace old culverts to keep drainage working properly and provide easy maintenance. We also offer trench demo and repair. If a new water, gas, or sewer line needs to be installed and the only route is through the driveway, we can saw cut and repair your driveway for minimal impact, rather than replacing big chunks.


Demolition and haul off of old sheds, green houses, playscapes, hunting blinds, and other small structures that just need to be gone. Taking a structure down can require thoughtful planning and experience for safety concerns and to not cause damage to nearby structures to remain. We also offer demolition of mobile homes or offices. Care must be taken to properly disconnect utilities and to be aware of hazardous materials, such as asbestos. Hiring the professionals for proper demolition is a must.

Grading and Drainage

Austin excavating is a must because proper grading and drainage is a big deal in Texas. We deal with crazy flash flooding that can wreak havoc on your property. Without proper drainage around a home or other structure, can lead to foundation issues and very costly repairs in the future. Another aspect is preventing potential flooding issues, big or small. We have the knowledge and experience to grade around a new or old home. We can offer different solutions and ideas to create the proper drainage in any situation. We can create or re-grade drainage channels on or around different properties. Having the proper width and depth drainage channel can make a big difference in relieving drainage issues.


A beautiful landscape can make a big difference on how your home looks from the curb appeal standpoint. We specialize in amazing hardscapes involving natural rock walls, gravel of all types, focal point boulders, dry creeks, native plants and trees, different sloping terrains, and smaller grassy areas. We love to take your landscape from boring to something beautiful that all the neighbors will be jealous of.

Retaining Walls

From concrete, cinder block, or rock, we can create any retaining wall to suit your needs. We can come up with a plan or follow engineered drawings for Austin excavating. Walls for landscapes, gardens, land leveling, drainage channels, ponds, driveways, parking spaces, and anything in between. Properly built walls that can last a lifetime take care and attention to detail to ensure it can hold up to mother nature. We offer new walls or wall repair to suit your needs.

Pond Maintenance

Cleaning out and grading ponds are essential to keeping ponds functioning properly. Avoid potential fines from municipalities and further expenses with maintenance. We can refresh rock rip-rap, remove excess material and re-grade detention ponds, clean out filtration ponds, and flush filtration pond pipes. We also offer pond repairs. Maybe you have some wash out that needs to be repaired, or your pond liner has been damaged. We can fix all sorts of issues.

Ranch Services

Maintaining a ranch can be a daunting task with Austin excavating. Let us help you with that and take the headaches off your plate. Maintaining roads can be a big job that is a must for travel around the ranch. We offer road repairs for dirt, concrete, or asphalt. We can re-grade your dirt road and refresh it with new road base and fix drainage issues so the road will last longer. Overgrowth can be another issue on the ranch. Clearing out excess brush and cedar trees not only beautify the ranch but also help with fire prevention. Removing cedar trees from nearby native trees allow those native trees to thrive and grow into amazing spectacles.

Fire Prevention

Wildfire prevention is not a guarantee, but is a necessary evil to help protect your and your neighbors property. Removal of underbrush and thick cedar trees areas not only help prevent the spreading of wildfires, but also help firefighters in the event of needing to battle a wild fire. No one wants to be the victim of such a terrible deal, so care and prevention are needed to protect your assets.