Many customers looking for Austin excavating want to know what the company values are. Nobody wants to use a company that doesn’t have good values. Values mean a lot to many customers and could be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a business for a job. At Red Beard Excavators we feel that we have great company values! These values are who we are and make us a great company to hire. We are sure that our values come through every time we do a job. These values are building blocks to us in our company and are near and dear to our hearts. Values like caring, honesty, integrity, and communication are values that you’ll see at Red Beard Excavators.

Are you looking for an Austin excavating company that genuinely cares about their customers? We hope so, and we also know that Red Beard Excavators is that type of company. At Red Beard Excavators we take care of our customers. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality service at a great price. Whenever we go to do a job we also take our time to explain to every customer why we are different. We try to operate with honesty and integrity. We have upfront pricing and make sure that you know exactly how much the job will be. We all have had fees that are unexpected and it can be frustrating. Because we care for our customers, never give you hidden fees for our jobs. Once we quoted a price that price will not change. We are intentional with everything that we do. We want to be that company that you can count on to deliver on the service that you need. We are confident that with our five-star service of our customers that this is a value don’t make us a cut above the other companies.

We pride ourselves that of all Austin excavating that we are the highest rated company and excavation in Austin. We strongly believe that we are the best excavating company around. We believe we have got to this point because we work hard, bring quality, and treat customers with respect. Is our goal to make our customers 100% satisfied with our work. You’ll find from our reviews that customers have been happy with our service. We have a proven track record of five-star service. We take pride in our work at one our reputation to show that we are quality.

We believe communication is key. We always want to make sure that our customers know exactly what is going on during a job. We believe not only does this make her job easier but it also makes it more enjoyable for the customer. We all love to be in the loop and it’s no different at Red Beard Excavators. We’re positive that our communication is a great core value.

Note that after the explanation of some of these values you are ready to start business with us. We have a mess free guarantee and also a one-year warranty on any concrete work. So go ahead and give us a call today at 512-677-2442. We also encourage you to go visit us at our website at today. We are eager to get started with you and can’t wait to offer you a life-changing experience with your excavation needs.

Austin Excavating | Quality a Standard?

Are you wondering if there’s an Austin excavating company that believes quality is a standard? Do you feel the quality of service has gone by the wayside? Do you miss old-fashioned good customer service? If so, Red Beard Excavators is a company that can deliver on the quality that you look for. We take great pride in our work and always act as if this job is our last. We are a gold standard and excavation and strongly stand behind the service that we offer. We are sure that our record shows that quality goes hand-in-hand with Red Beard Excavators. We promise that our customers have been 100% satisfied with the jobs we have done.

When it comes to quality with Austin excavating, we know there’s some people that try to take shortcuts. We at Red Beard Excavators are not that company. We are thorough with every single job that we do. If you don’t believe us, go and check us out on any reviews. We are confident that you will find that we have highly rated reviews. We have this because we do not offer mediocre work. Our customers have appreciated all the work we have done less because we take pride in the quality of service that we offer. We understand that if we do a quality work that you will be able to enjoy the experience even more as a customer. If you still are sure going to give us a call and we can answer any question that you might have for us.

Have you ever worked with an Austin excavating company that left a mess? How does make you feel? I’m sure made you feel terrible and frustrated. It would make us feel terrible and frustrated too! At Red Beard Excavators we offer our customers a mess free guarantee. We are sure that residents have appreciated this guaranty in the past. We try to care for the properties as if it was us living there. We believe that this gives us another notch in the quality belt. We are intentional about everything we do and really try to make it an enjoyable experience for our customers. Having a mess free jobsite is something that you can always expect from Red Beard Excavators. Not only that we also complete every job we start. No matter how big or small the job is always complete the job. Never abandon a job site because we care too much about the customers and our reputation.

Lastly, if we ever work on any concrete job we offer a one-year warranty. We understand that excavators talk to talk but don’t walk the walk. At Red Beard Excavators we will offer our customers the peace of mind knowing that there is a warranty available for any concrete work. Just in case any what if situations pop up we have that warranty place.

We have experience and have done jobs hundreds and hundreds of times. We believe that experience is key and we provide that experience to all our jobs. So go ahead and give us a call today at 512-677-2442. Also give our website a visit at for any other questions you might have. We bring the quality to excavating! We look forward to you choosing Red Beard Excavators!