Here at Red Beard Excavators, Austin Excavating, we are very intentional with the way we take care of our customers and do all of our work. That’s why you can count on us. So please take the time and learn more about everything we do and most of all, learn about the core values that we hold. Core values determine everything from whether or not you’ll get quality work done to getting the job done in time. It’s always about making sure that our customers know what our intentions are and how much we care about the work that we do for them!


Over Delivery

Most of all, we know you never get good results without putting the hard work in first. Not only do we aim for great results, we aim to exceed your expectations with everything that we do. We do this because we understand the importance of making sure that we demonstrate we care. Our reputation is important and making sure that your satisfied is even more important to us. Great work always starts with putting more into than others would expect. Over delivery is one of the cornerstones here at Red Beard excavators, Austin Excavating.


On Time

Just because someone is qualified to do your project doesn’t mean they care about sticking to a timeline and schedule. Contractors who are late to everything typically try and use every excuse they can to “Explain” why they’re taking twice as long as planned. Over here, we make sure to keep you updated along the way and go along with the project timeline as planned. This is because we truly value your schedule and also our own! Being late is never an option, we make sure that everything is done in a timely manner.


Customer Service

Many people like to say they value customer service, however few take the time to really demonstrate it. It’s always about taking care of the customer and serving them with what they need most. It’s simple, yet many excavators are too busy with other projects to really take the time to listen to you. It’s our passion to go above and beyond for our customers and give them the kind of service they can’t find anywhere else. In fact, we love giving them creative input if they’re are looking for any. We know that sometimes these tasks can be intimidating at first glance, but we’re here to make this an easy and painless process. 



Have you ever thought of the countless things that could go wrong when doing Austin Excavating? Well, let’s make sure that you know that Red Beard Excavators develops trust with customers because we understand how this can really make the night and day difference you need. This is why our customers trust us not to leave trash out on their property from the day before. We take care of their property as it ought to be taken care of. Read our reviews to read what others are saying about their experience with us. 



Of course, what’s trust without integrity? When you’re away from your property, when you’re not looking at everything we’re doing, our quality and work ethic is unhindered. This is just one of many reasons we have an average of 5.0 star rating on Google! We do what were supposed to whether you’re looking or not. From start to finish we focus on the quality that we offer because we care about the reputation that we’ve built in the Austin area. That’s also why we offer you a warranty that you can trust we deliver on. All concrete work and retaining walls come with a one year warranty.


Another way that we demonstrate our integrity is that we offer upfront pricing. That means you’re not agreeing to a job and then ending up bill that’s twice the amount because of “extra fees” that we forgot to mention. We care about our relationship with you, we stand behind our word with everything that we do. Unfortunately, we’ve heard far too many times of other Austin excavating companies who’ve left the job midway because they simply weren’t getting the profit they’re were hoping for. That’s what happens when you only care about profit.



Let’s make sure that you hire the Austin excavating company who actually communicates with the customer all along the project. We make sure everything is being done as previously discussed in order to ensure it’s heading the right direction. Strong communication is crucial to a project without any surprises at the end of it. We’re here to continue to go above and beyond for you in every way for your Austin excavating needs. Solid communication is the first part of any successful project that we take on, we’re glad that you can be a part of this process sooner than later!



There’s that fine line between someone overcharging you for everything they do and someone who simply does dirt cheap work. We’re right in the middle. That’s because we offer the kind of quality that will last you, which is why we refuse to be the cheapest, we don’t do cheap work. Beware of those who say they’re the cheapest in town because more often than not their work is having to get cleaned up by someone else. And on the other hand, just because someone is charging you more than the bare minimum doesn’t necessarily mean they’re offering the quality along with it. It’s a tough spot to be in, which is why we always encourage our customers to read our reviews so they know that over here they will be properly taken care of.


Never hesitate to give us a call and learn more about Red Beard Excavators. Everything we do is about helping our customers get their Austin excavating needs resolved! So feel free to give us a call and ask any questions you may still have. Don’t forget that we are here to take care of you.